$990K Class Action Settlement For Capgemini Employees Clears Final Hurdle

Following extensive litigation in a certified class action lawsuit filed by a group of Indian nationals who worked for Capgemini North America Inc., United States District Judge Matthew Kennelly recently approved a $990,000 settlement to resolve the class action in Illinois.

Judge Kennelly found the agreement “fair, reasonable and adequate” and explained that the potential for a long, drawn out, and expensive legal process proved to be decisive factors in his decision to approve.

The settlement comes after former employees originally accused Capgemini and its United States-based affiliates of cheating them out of their health care insurance coverage and disregarding the company’s duties to them as mandated by the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. Among other things, the lawsuit claimed that when the plaintiffs were terminated, the company did not provide proper notice that they were eligible to continue their coverage under COBRA.

Catherine T. Mitchell, one of the attorneys for Plaintiffs and the class, said, “The settlement provides an outstanding recovery for our clients, class members and their families who were deprived of COBRA notice. The case was hard-fought and we are happy with the result.”

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