Your workplace should always enforce a safe and healthy environment for all employees, but sometimes, this isn’t the case.

In the legal field, the term “whistleblowing” refers to people who report corporate fraud, serious misconduct or other types of abuse to the government. Whistleblowing claims usually revolve around an employee who has inside information that the general public does not know. Situations that are usually reported revolve around injuries, safety concerns of other protected activity. If you’re considering “blowing the whistle” on your employer because you are aware of information that could prove that their actions are unjust or unlawful, it is best to have an experienced team of legal experts by your side.

Whistleblower Protection Programs

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s branch of the United States Department of Labor has established Whistleblower Protection Programs that give you the confidence to file your claim. If your state has an approved State OSHA Plan, you may file your complaint under the Act, which has been in existence since 1970. If you are going to file your claim, make sure you do so within a certain amount of time within the event or series of events against which you are filing.

How Stephan Zouras, LLP Can Help You

Navigating whistleblower claims can be intimidating and confusing if you don’t know exactly what to expect along the way. There are specific legal requirements that need to take place in order to file the claim, and our legal team has the experience you need to be successful in your claim. There is also a significant amount of strategy involved when it comes to building a case, including pulling information from key witnesses and keeping precise records of what is going on internally so that you can build a strong case. To us, you are not just a number, but rather an individual that we genuinely want to help in order for you to receive the compensation and peace of mind you deserve.

We have helped thousands of people navigate their legal issues, and we want to help you next. If you are interested in filing a whistleblower claim or just want more information, please contact Stephan Zouras, LLP today to get started.