Childcare Center Employees Unpaid Wages Lawsuit

On July 30, 2018, Stephan Zouras, LLP filed a class action lawsuit against Hegewisch Development Corporation, East Side Child Development Center, Pill Hill Development Center, Near the Pier Development Center and West Austin Development Center for their failure to pay former employees earned vacation pay at the end of 2017 in violation of the Illinois Wage Payment and Collections Act (IWPCA).

Former employees of the child care centers referenced above may be entitled to damages under the IWPCA, which provides for damages including back interest along with reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs.  If you believe your rights to timely payment of all earned vacation pay may have been violated, please contact us.

In addition to unpaid wages claims, there are claims these companies violated the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA).  You can read more about BIPA and your rights here.


Class actions are an effective way to balance the scales by providing a means for ordinary people, even those with limited resources, to obtain justice against wealthy and powerful corporations.  You can read more about class actions here.


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