At The Elbow (ATE) Support Unpaid Overtime Class Action

Stephan Zouras, LLP represents At The Elbow (ATE) support workers in a nationwide class and collective action lawsuits.

“ATE” support employees are typically hired by companies to assist hospital workers on how to use new medical software.  Oftentimes ATE support workers are required to work 6 or 7 days and up to 70 hours or more per week, but are not paid the requisite 1 ½ overtime premium.

Currently, we represent ATE workers asserting claims against Walker Healthcare, Encore Health, Optimum Healthcare, Ettain, Divurgent, CSI, HCI and others for failing to properly compensate employees for all hours worked in excess of 40 hours per week at the required overtime premium rate.

In these cases, we seek to recover unpaid earned overtime wages, liquidated damages, attorneys’ fees and other damages.

If you work or worked for Walker, Encore, Optimum or any other healthcare provider in a similar position and want more information on your rights, please contact us.

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