Unpaid Wages Investigation of “8-80” Pay Plan for Healthcare Workers

Stephan Zouras, LLP  – a national leader in recovering unpaid back earned wages on behalf of healthcare workers – is currently investigating providers who use the “8-80” pay plan.

Under this plan, healthcare providers schedule hourly employees for a long (>40-hour) week and a short (<40-hour) week in the same pay period, then average work hours across weeks to avoid paying overtime wages.

Each year, large healthcare providers use this pay plan to deprive thousands of hardworking employees many millions of dollars in overtime pay.

While the “8-80” pay plan is commonly used in the healthcare field, it is illegal in Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey and New York.

As a result, hourly healthcare workers assigned to an “8-80” system are entitled to seek and potentially recover significant amounts in unpaid earned overtime wages.

Our firm has successfully litigated numerous class actions and recovered over $10,000,000 in unpaid overtime wages for healthcare workers, including several lawsuits involving “8-80” pay plans.

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