Whistleblower Rights and Protection

A whistleblower is a person that reports corporate misconduct and/or abuse.  Typically, a whistleblower is an employee that has inside information about fraud or other serious misconduct by their employer.  Stephan Zouras, LLP helps whistleblowers understand their rights.  When considering exposing fraudulent, dangerous or other illegal activity, it’s important to know federal and state laws. Other considerations are the statute of limitations, retaliation claims, and necessary documentation to protect yourself.

If you are thinking of blowing the whistle on your employer, you should strongly consider having legal counsel.  Attorneys at Stephan Zouras will confidentially guide you through the law and will partner with you to develop a comprehensive plan that includes:

Whistleblowing requirements

Statute of limitations

Retaliation protections

Building a case

Identifying helpful witnesses

Keeping good records

How to blow the whistle while still working

Our legal team at Stephan Zouras, LLP are aggressive advocates who are committed to protecting our clients’ rights. We strive to maximize our clients’ recovery while attending to their individual needs.  We are not afraid of exposing corporate wrongdoing.  Our track record of success speaks for itself.  Our attorneys have represented and won on behalf of thousands of employees from some of the nation’s largest corporations.

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