Securities Fraud and Shareholder Derivative Actions

We represent shareholders in derivative actions to vindicate corporate fraud and other misconduct which violates federal and state securities laws.

Corporations, and their officers, directors and board members, often violate these laws in a number of ways, by doing everything from withholding material information to actively providing inaccurate information to the public about the company’s performance, prospects, earnings and overall financial status.

Once insider fraud or other misconduct comes to light, shareholders often lose significant sums and suffer other damages when the price of their shares drop and lose value.

By vigorously enforcing the securities laws, we protect the rights of shareholders while holding corporations accountable, improving corporate oversight and facilitating change.  One shareholder can – and many of our clients have – made a real difference.

Having helped to secure tens of millions of dollars in shareholder derivative actions, Stephan Zouras, LLP is proud of our long and well-established track record of exposing and redressing corporate wrongdoing, corruption and greed.

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