Chicago Loop Tenant RICO Lawsuits

For decades, building managers and landlords in the Chicago Loop have forced tenants to hire only union contractors and union movers.  Not only does this practice result in dramatically inflated costs for tenants, but deprives hardworking contractors from earning wages in Loop buildings solely because they are not members of a union.  Stephan Zouras, LLP represents tenants subjected to these illegal “hot cargo” agreements, which we allege violate the Hobbs Act, the Taft Hartley Acts, and the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (“RICO”).

Numerous buildings in the Chicago Loop have strictly-enforced agreements with labor unions to restrict access to their buildings to any non-union contractors and movers.

Any movers and contractors who do not present union cards at the loading docks are denied entry to the buildings, lest union stewards and business agents notify the unions, who then threaten to strike, picket, and even display a large inflatable rat immediately outside to the buildings’ premises. Lamentably, rather than stand up for the legal rights and financial interests of their tenants, building mangers concede to the unions’ demands.

We currently represent current and former tenants of buildings managed by:

  • Jones Lang LaSalle Americas (Illinois) LP
  • Accesso Services, LLC

In addition, we are investigating similar claims throughout Chicago, Cook County, and throughout the United States against a number of landlords and managers similarly forcing tenants to exclusively use union movers and contractors.

If you are a tenant of a buildings where you are forced to use only union movers and contractors and would like more information about your rights, contact us.

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