Make Sure Your Personal Information is Safe

Tuesday, August 27 - 2013

We are investigating claims that some cable companies are misusing former customers' personal data.  When you cancel your cable, it is the company's responsibility to delete all of your personal information.  Cable companies such as WOW Cable, Cox Cable, AT&T and many others may not store, maintain and/or share your information once you are no longer a customer.  Doing so puts you at risk for identity theft and conversion of personal financial accounts. 
There are privacy laws in place to protect you and to keep your personal information secure.  The Cable Communications Policy Act requires cable operators to provide annual notice describing the "nature of personally identifiable information collected," it's purpose, the time frame the information will be maintained, and the times and places where the subscriber can access such information.  In addition, the Act requires cable companies to destroy personally identifiable information when it is no longer required for the purpose for which it was collected.
If you have canceled with a cable provider and are concerned about your personal data protection, we can help.

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