Stephan Zouras Files Class Certification Motion for Bob Rohrman Auto Group Managers

Tuesday, July 29 - 2014

On July 14, 2014 Stephan Zouras, LLP filed a motion seeking class action on behalf of General Managers, F & I Managers, New and Used Car Sales Managers and General Sales Managers of the Bob Rohrman Auto Group.  Plaintiffs allege the defendants, who operate several auto dealerships in the Chicagoland area, made illegal deductions in violation of the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act..  Plaintiffs are seeking recovery of lost wages for the past 10 years, plus 2% per month interest on the deductions made.  
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About Class Actions:
A class action is a lawsuit brought by one or more representative plaintiffs on behalf of a large group of people who are harmed by similar illegal conduct.  Class actions benefit class members and the general public in many ways.  First, they make it easier for the individual to seek compensation by sharing costs among all class members.  Second, they provide equal justice among all members of the class.  Lastly, they help protect the public by deterring companies from engaging in illegal and dangerous conduct.  Class actions are an effective way to balance the scales by providing a means for ordinary people, even those with limited resources, to obtain justice against multi-million dollar corporations and other powerful entities.

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