Stephan Zouras Settles Multi-Million Dollar Unpaid Wages Case On Behalf of Customer Engineers “CEs”

Tuesday, January 28 - 2014

We are pleased to announce Stephan Zouras, LLP achieved a multi-million dollar class settlement for over 1100 Customer Engineers “CEs” that worked servicing ATMS for a Fortune 500 Company.  The settlement came after Stephan Zouras obtained nationwide class certification.  Stephan Zouras recovered unpaid wages for time worked by CEs before and after scheduled shifts and during unpaid lunch breaks.  Specifically, time worked by CEs logging into the routing database, reviewing assignments, mapping out routes, logging mileage, completing key audits, loading and unloading vehicles and providing ETA’s among other things. 
This case was the latest unpaid wage case against the Defendants.  Stephan Zouras was able to achieve the most favorable negotiated agreement, recovering more in weekly unpaid wages for their clients than any other settlement with the company.  
Unfortunately, this case is not a one-off.  There are other similar companies that fail to comply with wage laws. All too often, employers try to take advantage of their employees by not properly compensating them for time worked in violation of federal and state law. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires employers to pay employees 1 1/2 times their regular rate of pay for all hours worked over 40 each workweek unless they are properly classified as "exempt." 
The FLSA also requires employers to keep accurate time records of all employees. Some employers try to skirt the law by paying only for "scheduled" time worked or paying based on an estimated or otherwise inaccurate time.  An employer’s failure to make and maintain accurate time records and paying for all time worked can have serious consequences including unpaid wages, double (or "liquidated") damages, back interest, attorney's fees and costs.
We are proud to represent thousands of hard-working employees and their families in a wide variety of class, collective and individual employment and labor law cases throughout the United States. For our clients, who include everyone from blue collar workers all the way up to the highest levels of the executive ranks, we have collectively recovered tens of millions of dollars from some of the world's largest corporations for violations of federal and state employment law.
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